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Our Commitment

At Lynbrook Musical Instruction, our philosophy towards musical instruction is based on our belief that students deserve individual guidance, compassion and personal attention to achieve their musical aspirations. 

Our instructors are consummate professionals who believe that their love and knowledge of music is a gift... A gift to be enjoyed, nurtured and shared.

From operatic vocal instruction to hard rock guitar, our instructors have as part of their instructive style a true passion for music and a level of teaching experience which is second to none. 

The instructors at LMI not only have to be masters of the instruments they teach, but must be well versed in musical theory and obtain the recognized professional certifications to teach such. 

We at LMI are so committed to these principles that each new student can have their first lesson free. To explore the instrument of their choice, to see if that instrument speaks to their heart...that being the true joy of music. 

Musically Yours ...

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